We're Spruit and we do things differently.

Hold on thight!

What we do?

At Spruit we don’t have a fixed menu. You may decide for yourself what you would like to take and you only pay for these dishes. The choices are endless. Take a look at the possibilities below.


Before we can undertake action, it is important to understand and know what needs to happen. What is the problem? What are the wishes? And which goal can be linked to it? A good strategy is crucial. When this is decided, we can continue with the next steps: the real deal.

Map your strategy

(Concept) development

Together with you we get our hands on the development of nice, beautiful and impactful results. This may for example begin with a new logo with a matching corporate identity, but also a brand new website or brochure. Pick your mix!

Develop your idea


The moment is there. We have been working to give everything a fresh update, or we decided on a completely new approach altogether. It would be disappointing if no-one got to see it. How do you bring this to your target audience’s attention? We can help you out there. Setting up a campaign? Improved findability? No problem!

Get noticed!


In this world, you’re nowhere without data. Together we ensure that everything is in order, but more importantly that everything works for the people you want to reach. Measuring and analysing the data allows us to adjust when needed and allows to make things even a tiny bit better.

Analyze your success


Things are ever so busy. Do you know the feeling of not having enough time to manage your social media or website? We are happy to help you. You can decide to hand all the work to us, or to create and deliver the content yourself.

Make it managable