The team

We, Spruit, are the new kid on the block, and we do things differently. No bureaucratic hassle, but specialist knowledge.

Sander Akkermans

Sander Akkermans

Chief media & tech

Has ticked many lines of code but gets very happy of nice photographs or good graphic design. Prefers to start hands-on right away and enjoys rapid communication.

Floor Bindels

Floor Bindels

Chief content & design

Gets very enthusiastic from copywriting done right, bad jokes and GIFs which are on point. Always up for socialising, but not afraid of hard work.

Frederik Kempe

Frederik Kempe

Chief sales & advertising

Few people who get so enthusiastic about data and knowledge. He is a smooth talker, a globetrotter, has an eye for design and thanks to his creativity he has a solution for every problem. If you’re looking for him, you’ll probably find him on the web where he focuses on online advertising, and in particular SEA. See ya!


We want to make you proud of your online presence. How we do that? We are not only flexible, but also work in a refreshing manner with fresh ideas and our young ambitious team.


We want to make your customers proud and we want to understand them better, which is why we are the right choice for you. We make sure that you’re part of us as your partner. We also strive to have a team which is proud of one another and of their work.

About us

August 27th, 2018. Three young progressive students start their master New Media Design at Tilburg University.

During their year of studying, the three got talking and discovered they each have their weakness for entrepreneurship. Where one is specialized in web design, the second has advanced knowledge in advertising, while the third is creatively oriented.

They thus each showed to be of added value to one another and to be complementing individuals for a business that is able to provide a full marketing package. It takes a while for the seed to get planted, but a few months later a sprout starts forming.

The three headed to the Dutch chamber of commerce as individuals but return as team Spruit. The adventure has started!

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