Green entrepreneurship:
as green as a Brussels sprout!

We express ourselves lightly when we say the world isn’t doing great at the moment and that change is required fast if we want to keep an inhabitable world in the first place. It’s therefore not for nothing that we try to be as green as our logo is. To make sure we work in a green way, we have various agreements with which we hope to make the world a little bit better. 💚

Young entrepreneurs

Although Spruit has not been around that long yet, combined we have quite some entrepreneurial experience. Like no other we know how tough it can be to start a business. Therefore, we like to help young and creative entrepreneurs a little bit. Therefore, we keep some space in our calendars every year for a few pro bono projects which make us enthusiastic. So, do you have a project with which we may help? Please do contact us.

The Green Office Initiative

At Spruit we travel as green as possible. This means: always by bike and when the appointment is just too far away we take public transport. 🚆 The only exception is when we need to take our equipment to capture the ideal picture in photo or video, or when a location is barely reachable by train or bus.

Although we do have a printer at our office, we print as little as possible. The only time we even use the device is to make proofing prints for our client projects, as an ideal print cannot be created by only using a screen. Besides that, we don’t print and we don’t use postal services. Digital is the way to go!