Video: moving visuals draw more attention

You’ve probably heard of it. You walk through a station, but without realising it, you’re no longer paying attention to where you’re walking, but instead, you’re looking at a commercial playing on a video screen. Not only the text and photography are a well suited medium to tell your story, but video is also part of the possibilities, and it may even be your best option. Moreover, it is easier to project a large amount of information within a short period of time to your audience.

Video cannot only be used on your website. On social media too the power of video is much better than text. Therefore, consider it a challenge to use video to show your identity and to get into contact with potential customers.

Corporate video

We’re also familiar with corporate videos. Of course, you want to show your business as beautiful as possible. A corporate video allows you to share your vision, mission, or corporate production processes with your target audience. What drives your work and your employees, and how do we bring this story across to your customers? A corporate video may also be an event registration, for example an aftermovie.


A website with only texts or images is well possible, but people rarely read all text available. Instead, a video is much more likely to be watched in full. This allows you to bring a lot of information across to your customer in no-time.

Together we look at which information you want to bring across to the viewer. Which call-to-action needs to be part of your video? We brainstorm, develop a concept and with your permission we get to work. This allows you to share the video with anyone in no-time!

Product films

Do you wish to show your product to your clients or tell them more about your product? Then a product film may be the ideal solution. Using a product film, you’re able to show within a few minutes what the possibilities of your product are. This allows you to reach a larger target audience while bringing your message across in a friendly manner.


A testimonial is more than interviewing a board member, specialist or telling a story in front of the camera. Thought needs to go in the authenticity, storytelling or content. We’re happy to think along with you!

Convinced of video?

Ready, set, action!