Online optimization

If we’re not mistaken you have been busy collecting and analysing your data for a long time, right? Take Google Analytics for example, which keeps track of your visitors. Aren’t you using such analysing tool yet? Then you should be worried, as it is one of the most important steps in collecting more information on your potential clients. Not to worry though, as we are happy to help you out.

Google Analytics

Let’s first talk about the people it is all about: the visitors of your website. How long do they stay? And which page do they visit? Do they visit multiple pages in the first place? These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself when you’re thinking or talking about your website. Preferably you keep your visitors on your website for as long as possible so they can be convinced of working with or buying from you. This also means they should click through to other pages and continue to a conversion.

We take a dive in your Google Analytics data and map out where new possibilities are, but also where issues are. It is then our goal to start working with these findings and to improve your website to achieve better results, and above all to provide potential customers with an even better experience.

Social media advertising

Do you advertise on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn? Then we know how difficult it sometimes is to achieve the best possible results. Luckily, we have an advantage as a result of our experience. This allows us to put you a step ahead of the competition. Together we examine the current status of your existing channels and look where new possibilities are. We then optimize your account in close collaboration to achieve a better result.

Google advertising

Have you been advertising on Google for quite a while, but do you think things may be improved? That’s the spirit. ? This way on thinking ensures we always keep on optimizing. We are constantly looking to obtain an even better result. Together we look at your current Google Ads account and address points of improvement. We make anything measurable and provide you with a monthly report on the results. This ensures you’re always up to date of the progress we make together. Do you then still have any questions left? We’re happy to help you out!


Search engine optimization (SEO) is tough to get started with, partially because a lot of different aspects come peeking around the corner, would you want to execute it properly. It is therefore understandable you haven’t had a chance to address this yet. Nevertheless, it is very important to optimize. It ensures that you reach a higher result in Google. This doesn’t mean you only get more visibility, but it also improves the likeliness of potential customers visiting your website. That’s what you want, right? Let us therefore do a search engine optimization for your website, so you’re certain that customers are able to find you.

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