SEA: advertising through Google

You’re likely to have heard of it: advertising through Google. You enter a search query of which you expect your clients will try to find you with. What shows? You’re hidden somewhere on page four of the page results. ‘How can that be possible? Even though my direct competitors are on page one?’, you wonder. Various reasons apply, but luckily there are various solutions as well. One option to achieve short term change is advertising through Google Ads, also known as SEA. This is the most direct and most effective method and coincidentally, we know how advertising through Google can be done effectively. 💪

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We’d like to help you in creating Google advertisements. Together we get around a table to see how your customers reached you. What are the search terms they use? After analyzing this data, we get to work and create one or multiple Google Ads campaigns, depending on your wishes. We ensure that the Google advertisement settings are as optimal as possible and voila. Your advertisements are shown in Google.

Google advertising

Creating Google advertisements is just the tip of the iceberg. We also analyse the results that come in. We look at where the possibilities are and try to use these. Does a keyword not deliver as expected, then we turn it off. Keywords and advertisements that achieve good results are optimized further. Moreover, you receive a monthly report with the current statistics, so you too can see how things are running. If you then have any questions, we’re ready to help you.