SEO: Search engine optimization

Yes, search engine optimization, also known as SEO. It is quite a difficult term, but what does it mean? SEO ensures that your websites ranks higher in the Google’s search results (so not by paying for it). Over 200 different factors play a role in the positioning of your website in Google. Search engine optimization is therefore a must.

By optimizing your website together, we enhance its findability in search engines so that consumers are able to find your website faster. Optimizing does not solely consist of optimizing content and link building, but also of optimizing your website’s technicalities. We then achieve you to be found with relevant keywords. Preferably before your competitors are shown. We enhance the relevance of the keywords and improve your website’s authority. All of this is done with the purpose of more visitors visiting your website.

Improving your findability?

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SEO content

In our search engine optimization process, we start working with the SEO content of your website. We rewrite existing texts or write completely new conversion-proof SEO content. We write texts with your target group in the back of our mind. Meanwhile, we also process factors in the SEO text which Google considers relevant.

Social Media

Social media, few people nowadays spend their day without it. ? We therefore there to say that all of us got a little bit addicted to it. Social media is therefore your best friend in enhancing the online presence of your website. It is essential to use social media, both for branding as well as conversion. We make sure that your organic timeline posts get published, but we can also support you in social media advertising. Through your online presence in social media you give Google a signal that your website is of value to be shown high in the Google search results.

Technische SEO

A high ranking in Google is often connected to the website technics. Google is happy with a clear website architecture and clean source code. What we do is that we make sure that Google can properly scan your website.