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Have you experienced this issue? You wish to order a product, but something goes wrong when putting the product in the online basket. You’re then unable to find the continue button, or you don’t know how to get back. Frustrating, right? We know that feeling. 😉 What’s very important is that your website or app can be used by visitors to be able to do what they want to do on your website. We ensure that the path they need to take is easily accessible. We take the user’s position and try to understand him or her as well as possible, to understand how he or she navigates through your website or application.

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UX (user experience)

Something similar. You expect to have a good user experience, but instead you get the feeling you might just throw your website out the window at any moment. ? That could never have been the intention. It is important to realise that good usability is not the same as a good user experience. When we test the experience we look at what feeling your website or app gives to the user. During our user experience research our goal is to improve your environment to one which gives users a good feeling. That is what you want, right?

Usability and user experience research

Of course, your target audience has specific wishes and expectations of your website or app. Therefore, we examine the existing data to get acquainted with the current state of affairs, and to identify what possible bottlenecks are. We also sit down with potential website visitors and have them execute various tasks through user stories. Meanwhile, we look over their shoulder and make attentive notes. We then work on existing issues and help you to improve the usability and user experience of your website or app and take it to the next level.