Writing blogs is a different game

Have you always wanted to write blogs, but find it difficult to start? Understandable. Blogging is something different from regular writing and can take you a lot of time. There are so many things you need to take into account. What about text length, headings, images, SEO keywords, or target audience? Not to mention spelling and grammar.

The internet is flooded with tips on how to write the perfect blog, but there is still a high threshold to actually start. Luckily, we have writers that would love to share their expertise and help you create clear and relevant blogs.

Looking for new blogs?

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Together we search for subjects and keywords that fit your brand and audience. In doing so, we not only provide actual content for your website, but also take care of relevance. Not only Google gets happy, but especially the visitors on your website keep updated on your brand and latest news. Don’t forget that blogs are also great content for your social media! You’ll able to reach even more people with blogs that are already on your website: a win-win situation!

How we do that?

The possibilities for writing blogs are endless. You are welcome to come up with ideas, but we could also execute a keyword research to make sure all subjects are relevant to your audience and Google. We will post the blogs in a way that is suitable for you. For example, we will have you read the blogs before they go online. Do you have any remarks? Then we will process them immediately. This makes you completely unburdened.