Social media strategy: that many options?

Have you already decided which social media channel you want to work with? Or should we ask: which media channels? Bizarre, right? When you consider how many marketing possibilities there are nowadays. ? Once you have actually decided which social media channels you will be using, you’re likely to be puzzled by which approach is best. Once people actually respond to you, how will you in turn respond to them? Which tone of voice is best?

Luckily, we are a creative team which doesn’t only look at the data collected, but also knows what needs to be done. We therefore understand like no other what social media strategy is best for you. It is a fulltime job in itself to keep track of all developments there are in the digital marketing world. Luckily, systems have gotten smarter over time and a lot of our work is now done by computers automatically. This leaves us with more space to come up with strategy development and creative execution. The end result is then innovation and a data driven social media strategy.

We love data ♥️

You know what’s so cool? Anything can be measured nowadays! This ensures that it can easily be seen what results you have obtained with your social media strategy. That doesn’t mean, however, that everything goes naturally. Usually, you’ll receive the amount of effort you put in, in return.

We start with an in-depth analysis first, so we can map out your goals. Only then do we start to actually create content and media. Next, the campaigns will start and we will be optimizing continuously. We look at what the data tells us and based on that we will be able to improve iteratively.

What we’re especially good at is fast interaction, and it’s likely that this is exactly what you need. Fast anticipation and using new opportunities. We provide you with complete access to the statistics and you will receive a monthly report with a clear explanation. Doing so informs you on how each single euro is spend! It avoids any hidden costs, but more importantly, it ensures there are no secrets between us.

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